Grup 90 is a service company formed by a team of young professionals experts in different fields who have high technical preparation and solid experience.

The origin of the company dates back to 1987 when Xavier Aragones and Maite Miralbes opened their law firm in the city of Lleida. Over time, the firm has expanded the group of collaborators, lawyers and other professionals involved in the legal world, in accordance with the needs of our clients.

The development of the firm has occurred in the human team that we integrate, in the services and matters that are the subject of our specialty and also in the main geographical area in which we carry out our activity.

maite miralbes

Today Grup 90 develops a comprehensive service with the aim of offering global solutions to legal and business needs with rigor, quality and solvency.

The permanent search for professional excellence leads us to the direct and close relationship that Grup 90 has always maintained with its clients, which has contributed to being considered a legal and business services firm of the highest reputation and trust.

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