What is an official appraisal?

It is an assessment carried out by a real estate expert, an independent professional, based on his own criteria and judgment, analyzing the property in question and the area where it is located.

Why do I need an official appraisal?

Nowadays there are many times when we need to know the value of real estate:

  • Before buying and selling: to know what price we can request for a sale, or in the case of interest in purchasing a property, to know exactly what the real market price of that property is.

  • Inheritances and wills: We need a valuation to know the real value of the assets to distribute them in the desired way before granting a will.

  • Guarantee for financial entities: Asset valuations can also be carried out as a guarantee for financial entities when they request a valued list of assets.

  • Accounting and Balance Sheets: In addition, today it is necessary for any company to have the most realistic valuations possible of its assets, to reflect it in its accounting and balance sheets. At Grup 90 we are official appraisers as a registered API and we also carry out approved appraisals for the Administration of Justice.


Appraisal request.

If you are interested in obtaining an official appraisal of your apartment, house, chalet, premises, warehouse, rural property, and in general any real estate, you just have to fill out this form and we will contact you to prepare a quote.

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