In our real estate department, made up of qualified Real Estate Agents (API) with extensive experience, you will find the guidance and advice necessary to guarantee satisfactory management for both the buyer and the seller. We have the technical and human means to carry out all types of purchase and sale procedures, transfers, rentals, etc.

In addition, we are associated with the compracasa group, a leading company made up of more than 180 real estate agencies from all over the country, which reinforces our position in the market, by allowing us, through a modern software program, to share our database and thus increase the possibilities of actual closing of operations.

Our goal is excellence in service, and that is why:

We offer the seller

  • Realistic and free valuation of your property.

  • Transparent and honest management commitment.

  • Adequate dissemination of the property for sale, both physically and online.

  • Active search for buyers.

  • Permanent information and professional advice.

  • Carrying out all the formalities and legal procedures until the conclusion of the sales order.

  • Tax advice on taxes and related expenses

We offer the buyer

  • A careful selection of properties at current market prices.

  • Absolute transparency regarding their situation.

  • Professional advice based on the preferences, needs and possibilities of each buyer.

  • Ease of financing through first-rate banking entities, under the best possible conditions.

  • Permanent information about new offers, price reductions or changes in conditions.

  • Carrying out all the legal procedures and procedures until the conclusion of the purchase order.

  • Tax advice on taxes and expenses related to the transfer of the property.

In summary, our job is mainly to advise, inform and unite the interests of both the buyer and the seller, until they come together at a point of common agreement and carry out all the necessary steps until the transaction is closed.

We do not sell properties, we provide a professional service so that clients decide, with all the necessary information, what they want to do.

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