Farm administration.

MSC COMUNIDADES, integrated within GRUP 90, is a company dedicated to the administration of properties that offers a complete service, taking care of both the legal aspects and the technical and accounting aspects: closing of the financial year, calling for ordinary and extraordinary meetings, processing of minutes and agreements, procedures for official organizations. …By working in collaboration with GRUP90 ADVOCATS I ASSESSORS allows us to offer a group of lawyers specialized in all topics; Thus, the presidents and members of the community boards receive continuous legal advice free of charge, as well as the owners, in any legal query they may have.

Installations and maintenance services.

We have collaborating companies that will solve any maintenance problem that may arise in your community 24 hours a day.

Specifically, we offer the following services:

– Monitoring of the Community of Owners, its facilities and services.

– Preparation of expense budget for each year.

– Preparation of the settlement of annual income and expenses. Monitoring their payment.

– Extrajudicial monitoring of the collection of unpaid debts.

– Call and attendance of the Ordinary General Assembly.

– Sending the minutes of the Ordinary General Assembly.

– Execution of the agreements adopted in the aforementioned Assembly.

– Permanent Legal Advice for any matter related to the Community of Owners.

– Management and procedures before official bodies, such as, for example, presentation of applications to the city council, obtaining construction permits, processing of fords, procedures with Aigües de Lleida.

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