Grup 90 is a legal advice and services firm that has had great professionals in the practice of law since its inception. One of the branches of his specialty is matrimonial and family law. The buffet offers a range of personalized services and provides solutions to all types of needs.

Nowadays, families need to be well advised at all times and especially before carrying out some important procedures.

We can help and guide you in many fundamental moments of your personal life, below we list some of those moments in which you should seek advice before signing any document or making a decision.

– Purchase and sale of housing, warehouses, parking lots, rural properties.

– Rental of apartments, and any other urban or rural property.

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– Advice on the best way to make a will based on your personal circumstances.

– Inheritance acceptances, tax settlement.

– Prior study and advice on any type of contract that must be signed.

– Separations, divorces, incapacitations, guardianships.

– Claims and resources, both extrajudicial and judicial, against any administration that you consider has injured your rights.

– Study and comparison of any insurance you have contracted or want to contract.

– Advice on any investment or financing product (mortgages, personal loans, etc.) that you have signed or need to sign.

– Claims and requests for compensation arising from any accident, whether traffic, work, etc.

These are some examples of situations in which good advice can be vital for the defense of your interests.

Request a visit without obligation, explain your problem to us and we will find the best way to help you solve it.

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