Financing and investments

– Advice and management of financial products.

– Analysis, improvement and implementation of customized products (mortgage, paid accounts…).

– Advice on credits and financial investments.

– New forms of investment and financing through the company Arboribus, with the system of a crowdlending platform.

Arboribus is the space that allows individuals to invest directly in small and medium-sized companies that have proven to be solvent for years. As a result, these companies have an alternative to traditional bank financing. With no more intermediaries or hidden fees, we eliminate the cost and complexity of the banking world and can achieve better conditions for companies and investors. And furthermore, together we promote the growth of our small and medium-sized businesses, which are the basis of our economy.

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Subsidies and aid

– Information on the different subsidies and aid for your project or business (regional, state, European).

– Preparation, processing and monitoring before the different organizations.


Environmental management

– Information and advice on specific regulations that affect the company or activity.

– Preparation of environmental impact assessments, correction measures, eco-audits, eco-management systems…

– Advice and implementation of energy saving and optimization projects.

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