At Grup 90 we work every day to offer the best services to the company. We are motivated by our commitment to our clients both in the practice of law and in business advice. The lawyers and experts of the group provide a comprehensive service to the current needs of the company, from different specialties of law: commercial, labor, tax…

Above all, we look for the best solution for our clients, and we anticipate the needs of companies.

All solutions in the same office.

We offer all the services your company needs, from the simplest administrative procedure to the resolution of the biggest problem you may have.

In our office we offer you all the services of a complete and

specialized law firm; the resolution of your tax issues by tax experts; the management of payroll and other documentation of its employees; contracting all its insurance and other complementary services that a company needs to comply with all current legislation.

All of this in the same office, with which you will save time by not having to travel to different professional offices to carry out your usual procedures, since with just one visit you can carry out all your procedures quickly and comfortably.

Furthermore, as all the departments of GRUP 90 work for your company, the main beneficiary is you, since it is only necessary for you to explain your projects once for all the departments to get started, thus avoiding you yourself having to explain and coordinating the different professionals from each independent firm on their projects, a situation that could lead to a mistake being made and no one wanting to assume that responsibility later.

Request a visit without obligation and we will personally explain to you what we can offer you to improve your business management.

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