Right of movement and insurance

Advice and claim for damages suffered in traffic accidents and defense of liability in case of being the cause, both civil and criminal. – Claim compensation from insurance companies that may correspond to you as a result of a traffic accident. – Interpretation of insurance policies and claims of obligations derived from it.

Commercial Law

We analyze which is the best option for the development of the business activity you wish to carry out. From the simple registration as a natural person and working as a self-employed person, to the more complex study of the possible aid and subsidies available for the creation of a company, whether it is a limited company or any other that can be adapted to your business. – Constitution of companies of all types. – Creditor bankruptcy proceedings. We advise the businessman in the event that he incurs the legal requirements to be able to declare bankruptcy and thus protect his assets. – Corporate law. Relationships between partners. Drafting of statutes based on the client’s characteristics. Purchase and sale of companies. Business transfer.

Civil Law

Legal assistance in all types of civil proceedings before civil courts and tribunals. – Liability actions, whether contractual or extracontractual. – Drafting, review and negotiation of civil contracts. – Minors. – Community of owners: resolution of conflicts that may arise, challenging agreements, drafting, statutes. – Constitution of civil societies. – Real estate and construction law: leases, evictions, recovery of possession and ownership, contractual breaches, construction defects.

Criminal law

Legal assistance to the accused or accused in all types of criminal proceedings. – Filing of complaints and complaints exercising criminal action in defense of the client’s interests.

Urban law

Advice to rights holders who may be affected by urban planning regulations and intervention in all phases of the execution of the urban planning approach, including the constitution of compensation boards and urbanization processes.

Administrative law

Administrative sanctions of any area. – Judicial and extrajudicial claims before the different administrations. – Forced expropriation. – Contentious-administrative processes in any matter.

Immigration law

Residence and work permits. – Expulsions. – Nationality. – Administrative and contentious resources on immigration matters.

Family and inheritance law.

Separations, divorces and annulments. Civil partnership. – Liquidation of the community property. – Claim for taxes due on pensions. – Declarations of paternity, filiation, death and absence. – Inheritance, declarations of heirs and divisions of inheritance. – Drafting of wills. – Probate trials. – Claims for hereditary rights (legitimate, inheritance petition…)

Lease and horizontal property law.

Urban leases: drafting of contracts, eviction due to non-payment and precariousness, claim for earned rents. – Rural leases: contracts, subleases, expropriations, leases, subrogations, claims for earned income. – Constitution and management of communities of owners. – Drafting of statutes and internal regulations. – Challenge of community agreements. – Claims for non-payment of fees. – Relationships with neighbors (annoying, uncomfortable, dangerous and unhealthy activities).

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